APM Launches Old Airport Kasiya Santhe Road

Kasungu, April 03/2019, Mana: President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Wednesday launched the 95 Kilometer Old Airport-Kwanyanda road at Santhe in Kasungu.

The road project also includes the Kasiya-Santhe spur and connects two agricultural districts of Kasungu and Lilongwe.

Speaking to multitudes that gathered at Santhe Trading Centre, Professor Mutharika said he was there to fulfill the promise he made when he visited the area in 2014.

Professor Mutharika said the road project was in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) manifesto despite claims by some parties that it was in their plans.

Said Professor Mutharika: “I promised when I came here in 2014 that I would construct the Santhe to Lilongwe road. Some who are also from here are saying they already had plans for this road, which is a lie. If you look at our manifesto in 2014 we said we would construct the road and this is well documented.

“How come they say it’s their road but these very same people said in parliament that the road was not important but a waste of money. It’s very surprising and unwise,” said Professor Mutharika.

The president also tackled the forthcoming elections saying these are the most important polls.

“On 21st May, you will be able to choose a government you want. These polls are important because you will have to either choose progress or not, you will either choose development or politics,

“The opposition parties are just against whatever I am doing, the roads, malata and cement subsidy, cash transfers and community colleges; they are saying these are bad. If I ask them if all these are bad what is good, they have nothing to say,

“Talking of development, I am saying I am doing and they are saying they will do. Who is better between who is doing or who will do? Who is doing is better,” said Professor Mutharika.

The president therefore promised that he will continue developing the country and urged all the people to vote for DPP in the next month’s elections.

Minister of Transport Jappie Mhango said the road was very significant to the people of Kasungu and hailed the swiftness the President has taken to construct the road.

“Roads like this used to take a very long time but when you took power you started right away,

“People used to take about five hours travelling this road to Lilongwe but now the hours have reduced, the cost of travel has halved and the cost of vehicle maintenance has also reduced,” said Mhango.

Speaking earlier Senior chief Lukwa thanked Professor Mutharika for the construction of the road and all the development in Kasungu.

“We now have this road…we have a stadium, technical college and people have benefitted the Malata and cement subsidy. We really have to thank you for this,” said Lukwa.

DPP secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey thanked the president for taking development to the constituencies where there are even no DPP Members of Parliament.

Jeffrey said the people have to show their appreciation by giving the president a vote on 21st May elections.

“Some people are born leaders. In the past it used to be difficult to bring development to where there is an opposition MP. Here we have seen this road where there is no DPP MP, the only way to thank you is to give you a vote,” said Jeffrey.

During the address at Santhe, Professor Mutharika also drummed up support for shadow MP for Kasungu South constituency, Mc Tonnex Mkumbukeni saying the people have to vote for him on 21st May.

The President also asked the people to vote for the two councillors in the constituency’s wards Henry Kachigunda and Linda Banda.

The new road joins the M18 at Santhe Trading Centre and the project involved upgrading of the existing earth road to class 1 bitumen standard. It connects Santhe to Kasiya, Kabudula, Nsaru up to Lilongwe.

Source: Malawi Voice