APM launches Malawi Health Situation Room

President Arthur Peter Mutharika has assured the nation that his administration is determined to make Malawi a healthy nation

The Malawi leader was speaking on Thursday at the launch of the Malawi Health Situation Room in Lilongwe. He said good health is a precondition for development because only a healthy people can develop a country, hence only a healthy people can fight poverty.

“Malawi is on the path of leading global trends. We are determined to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages and at all cost,” said President Mutharika adding that nothing will stop his administration from fighting to achieve this goal and that no cost, no human ill-will and no danger can stand on the way from making Malawi a healthy nation.

President Mutharika said, “The DPP Government believes that health is not a privilege. Good health is a right. This is the belief that drives our healthcare program. This is the spirit that drives our political manifesto. In the next five years, we pledge to achieve universal healthcare for all Malawians.”

The Malawi leader assured the nation that he is committed to ensure that all health facilities in the country have adequate stock of drugs.

“There is no point in going to hospitals where there are no drugs. There is no human dignity in dying in a hospital where there are no essential drugs in that hospital. That is why we have fought to improve availability of drugs in our hospitals,” emphasized President Mutharika.

He said in 2014 upon taking over power his administration found drug availability in hospitals at 30 per cent but now the situation has improved as drug availability in hospitals is 73 per cent.

“Every Malawian must be proud that we have made on the global stage unprecedented progress in healthcare. Malawi is now one of the best leading countries in healthcare progress. This is a cause for national pride,” echoed President Mutharika.

On HIV and AIDS Professor Mutharika said in the last five years, the number of people with HIV has continued to decline very significantly. Maternal deaths have drastically decreased; and life expectancy has risen from 37 years to 63 years in the recent past.

President Mutharika said, “This progress has been possible because we are using public resources to invest in improving the quality of life. Possible because of the doctors who never sleep, the nurses who are always on our bedside and health surveillance workers who visit every home in our villages to check on our health. I want to thank you all the health workers for the wonderful work you do in this country.”